Review Time : Little Berry Naturals’ ” Soap Chips in Milky Tomato and Papaya Coal”

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Today I’m going to share my thoughts about LITTLE BERRY NATURAL’s Soap Chips in Milky Tomato and Papaya Coal. I’m really excited to share to you another local brand in the hopes that you too can support them.

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Little Berry Naturals is an online shop that offers artisan freshly made organic soaps. All the ingredients that they use are sustainable, natural and environmental friendly.


Little Berry Organics is a small business of proud organic goodness and nature-inspired elements that represents skin loving products.

We not only look at this as a market but as a loved hobby that shares unique experiences with organic products and promotes wellness with the help of nature.

There is nothing to be afraid in using handmade natural products since it’s nature’s way of saying we should take care of our skin by loving it not destructing it.




Price: Php 100.00
Weight: One envelope contains approximately 15-20 soap chips and can be assorted soap variants.


Milky Tomato Soap(Peach and orange) deeply cleanses the pores. It helps get rid of pimple and acne with the help of its exfoliating action. Some of the ingredients of the soap includes Tomato extracts, virgin coconut oil and goats milk that helps in to improve texture of the skin.


Papaya Coal Soap (Black and white)Contains activated charcoal that detoxifies and cleanses skin impurities such as dirt, dark spots, and zits. Also contains green papaya extracts for brighter and fairer skin tone. For that flawless, smooth skin you long hope for.

How to use:Lather the soap into your hands or face with water and enjoy their handmade soaps.

Packaging: I love how the soaps are cut into squares and how continent it is for travelling and or also as a giveaway or if you just want to try different soaps. The soap chips comes into a brown envelope with the label and I think it’s very chic and something new to me.


MILKY TOMATO SOAP – This soap doesn’t have a very over powering scent which I love. It just gives a subtle fruity scent and freshness. Upon using, I can already feel that I’m going to love this soap because it gives a squeaky clean feeling which I really love on my soap. There is also an immediate glow right after using it and I’ve seen that every after I use this soap. It also helps in oil control for it doesn’t contribute to my existing oil problem especially on my T-zone.
PAPAYA COAL SOAP – This soap has a milky scent to it and I just love smelling them. Just like the tomato soap, it is very smooth on the face. It gives that tightening feeling after using and makes my face feel supple. Unlike other papaya soap, this one doesn’t dry out my face and actually helped me get rid of my pimples and some bumps on my forehead during my red days.
Tips: This soap does melt easily so I would suggest that you put it on a different soap dish and away from any water or moisture. I’ve use one soap chip for three rounds of washing my face.

Final Thoughts: I love their soap and how it is effective and plus how it is very environmental friendly (we need more shops like this! Not only for making profit but making a difference by trying to be sustainable at the same time) . I also love their packaging that if it is for a gift, you can just order from them and don’t have to worry about wrapping them.


They have more super chic looking artisan soaps and all of them is really Instagram worthy– this is really perfect for personal use, gifts and even as a souvenir. Just like any product, there is always room for improvements and for me, this soap does easily melt when you leave it on your bathroom as is but you can always control that by putting it on a container away from any water or moisture.




Viber: +639261658451

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Thank you so much to Little berry Naturals for the trust!
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