Hey Blog #27: 1,000 Followers on Instagram!

Welcome to Hey blog!

Hey Blog basically is where I share to you guys my day, week, throwback stories or just about anything! This is my way of putting my memories to the interweb and for you to also get to know me a bit more.

I finally reached 1,000 followers on Instagram! It will be a year now since I started this blog and also my Instagram account. I just feel so happy to having achieved 1,000 followers before my blog anniversary! I know it’s a small number compared to other bloggers but hey, I need to start somewhere right?



I just had to take a screenshot and share it to my IG stories!

Thank you so much for the love and if you’re not following me yet on Instagram, please please do it’s @heyitsmeroseanne or http://www.instagram.com/heyitsmeroseanne


Thank you so much for dropping by!
Please leave a like and visit my social media accounts!
Sending my love,
Roseanne ❤

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