My Current Facial Cleansers

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If I have stumbled an article entitled ” My Current Facial Cleansers” 5 years ago, I would say ” That’s crazy! You don’t need 5 different cleaners!” but here I am sharing to you my current cleansers. Yes, with “S”. I’ve learned that it is really helpful to have different types of cleansers at hand especially when your face is in a really bad state and you just don’t know what will work for you.

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ETUDE HOUSE BAKING POWDER PORE CLEANSING FOAM: When my skin is in a  good condition, I would opt for this one. It is a mild cleanser that has no beads and just really cleanses my face and gives a nice instant glowing effect after using.


ETUDE HOUSE WONDER PORE DEEP FOAMING CLEANSER: One of my main problem is that I have large and visible pores and this help make my pores look smaller. This has a minty scent and feel. Mainly I use this when my face feels tacky and sticky– this gives a very refreshing feeling; this has a micro bead (I know it’s bad for the environment and maybe this will be the last time I’ll be purchasing this because of that–someone suggest me a good dupe!) that also helps me feel like my face is squeaky clean.

Lazada Philippines


THE HAPPY ORGANICS FAIRY FOAMING WASH: I love using this when I need to remove my makeup. It instantly melts away the product and also the brush helps in exfoliating.


HUMAN ❤ NATURE NOURISHING FACIAL WASH: My skin type is oily but there was a time when I had dryness on my T-zone and this facial wash really helped bring back the moisture to my T-zone especially on my nose. I’ve always hated the fact that I have an oily skin (blot here, blot there) but after experiencing those dry patches, I’ve never been so grateful to have an oily skin and partly because everything in my makeup collection is suitable for oily skin especially my foundations!

Lazada Philippines


HUMAN ❤ NATURE BALANCING FACIAL WASH: When I want that exfoliating feeling without harming the environment, I go for this. This gives a nice feeling on the face when you’re using it, it doesn’t feel too rough for sensitive skin nor to smooth that you don’t feel the scrub.

Lazada Philippines


That it is for today’s blog!
What’s your current cleanser?
If you have questions please don’t hesitate to comment down below, would gladly answer them for you guys
If you want full review on the said products please let me know!
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