Review Time : Little Berry Naturals’ ” EL PAPAYA LEMONCITA SOAP”

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Today I’m going to share my thoughts about LITTLE BERRY NATURAL’s soap in EL PAPAYA LEMONCITA. I’m really excited to share to you another local brand in the hopes that you too can support them.

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Lazada Philippines

Little Berry Naturals is an online shop that offers artisan freshly made organic soaps. All the ingredients that they use are sustainable, natural and environmental friendly.


Little Berry Organics is a small business of proud organic goodness and nature-inspired elements that represents skin loving products.

We not only look at this as a market but as a loved hobby that shares unique experiences with organic products and promotes wellness with the help of nature.

There is nothing to be afraid in using handmade natural products since it’s nature’s way of saying we should take care of our skin by loving it not destructing it.



Price: Php 150.00
Weight: Approximately 130-135g


Description:  Ingredients include Papaya extract, goats milk, Calamansi extract and Virgin coconut oil.

In Mexico and Asian Countries, Papaya or Papain is known for its whitening properties and best for its anti-oxidation. We added a fruit widely known here in the Philippines, Lemoncita or mostly known as Calamansi. It serves as an antiseptic and used by generations to whiten parts of their body

How to use:Lather the soap into your hands or face with water and enjoy their handmade soaps.

Lazada Philippines

Packaging: I love how the soap comes with a canvass  pouch when you buy them. It is such a perfect packaging especially when you plan to give it to someone. The soap is wrapped in a cling plastic wrap material and has proper labels except for the weight of the soap.
Effectiveness:What I love about this soap is that  it gives a smooth and silky feeling on the face. It also doesn’t dry up my face which usually happens when I use whitening soap. It also didn’t feel like someone is burning my face which again happens when I use other whitening soap. After using, you could easily feel that squeaky clean feeling which also shows that it doesn’t also whitens but also really cleanses your face pretty well.

Lazada Philippines

Final Thoughts: I love their soap and how it is effective and a plus that it comes in a great packaging which saves you time and money if you plan on giving them. The soap doesn’t also melt that quickly.

They have more super chic looking artisan soaps and all of them is really Instagram worthy– this is really perfect for personal use, gifts and even as a souvenir. They also offer different kinds of soap for different kinds of skin condition so you can definitely find the right soap for you.




Viber: +639261658451

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Thank you so much to Little berry Naturals for the trust!
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 Product was sent for review purposes.
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