November Early Haul

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How about we start this month with a haul. This is really a collective haul from my purchases for the last week of October and also on 1st November. This haul is really random from skincare, makeup and also organizers.

Covers 3.png

ETUDE HOUSE WONDER PORE FRESHNER: Finally! I ran out of my favorite toner and I did already plan to purchase it even before I rant out but this was sold out on my Etude house store and when I saw it back on the shelf I just had to buy it.


GREEN CROSS SANITIZING GEL: Every time I’m doing my makeup I always tend to look for a sanitizer or an alcohol to cleanse my hands and I just don’t have any (except my alcohol for the brushes that dries out in a millisecond) and now I have one! I love how it comes in a pump so it’s easier to dispense the product.


BEAUTYFIX NOSE PACK : My BEAUTYFIX peel off mask is almost gone so I decided to buy another tube. This is one of my favorite peel off mask.


IWHITE AQUA MOISTURIZER AND BB CREAMS: Since the holiday is just around the corner I know that there will be a lot of trips and unexpected sleepovers with relatives so I decided to  have a couple of sample size backups of moisturizer and BB creams that is so handy to bring and put on my bag.


JAPAN HOME ORGANIZERS: I feel like I can’t have too much organizers especially on my vanity area! I always find an excuse to buy acrylic organizers. I. Just. Can’t. Stop.


ETUDE HOUSE ALOE VERA MASK: This is one of my favorite variant from Etude’s face mask line.


BEAUTY BUFFET BY WATSONS 365 DAILY MASK: This is one of the mask I used for my 7 day mask challenge and I gotta say that this works okay for me. Not totally impressed because some of the variants have an alcohol scent to it but some doesn’t. This product just doesn’t have a consistent formula but I’m okay with it.


and lastly,

CATHY DOLL ALOE VERA MASK SHEET: I buy it because I find the packaging too cute! It’s perfect to give out to friends this holiday season and they also have different greetings. This will be my first time trying out a face mask from Cathy doll.


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