Blogmas # 2: Gigi x Maybelline (TAURUS SWATCH)

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I told myself that I will not buy any Gigi x Maybelline product when I first saw the launch for two reasons; one I’m not really a fan of Gigi, don’t get me wrong it’s just that I’m not into fashion in general then most of all, I have a ton of lipstick already! I think it’s such a waste not to consume them all. Yet, here I am writing a post about this.



I was buying a gift for a friend when I noticed a Gigi x Maybelline booth in the mall and I was just really curious to see the line in person so I went there and just took a peek and walked away, after several minutes I finally gave up.

I decided to buy ONE lipstick and the reason is THE PACKAGING LOOKS SO GORGEOUS! I love how the case is like a Millennial Pink color and the box is holographic.


I did had a hard time choosing the shade I want because the reds are super reds while the nudes are super nudes and also the nude I want is sold out so I did settle for GG10 TAURA


The shade is a brown nude and when I put it on, even though it is a matte lipstick it glides easily and very creamy. I would say that this is not a matte but a creamy matter lipstick.

**Will update this and insert a lip swatch. I did took one but it’s really crappy hehe**

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