Blogmas # 3: Japan Goodies!

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Two weeks ago, my dad went to Japan for work and we were so jealous that he’s going to the land of the rising sun so he made sure to bring home so goodies for us.

Japan is also known for their beauty and skin care products and I told my dad to get me some face sheet mask and he did!


TSUM TSUM FACE MASK: I love tsum tsum so dad had to get this for me. I’m not sure if these are character mask but if it is, it’s going to be so kawaii! The pack contains 5 sheet mask.


LULULUN FACE MASK: I have read some articles that Lululun is a must buy while you are in Japan. They have different variety for different skin conditions and also they have a pack of sheet mask for a month!



MORE FACE SHEET MASK: If you are in Japan there is definitely a  lot of face sheet mask options. So go crazy!


MAKEUP SPONGE: I was surprised when dad got me these. I did not told him to get me one but I can definitely use them. Yey!


ANELLO BAG: The famous Anello bag! I finally have one and it’s in favorite color–PINK!


*This is no way of me bragging– this is to give you an idea of what you can buy from Japan*

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas # 3: Japan Goodies!

  1. I have seen so many different Japanese skin care things, I really want to try some of them. I mean, how cute is the packaging?!xo

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