Blogmas # 5: Cleaning my Vanity Table and Throwing expired Makeup

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I could never keep my vanity area clean for a long time and when I saw it with a pile of mess and I finally decided to clean it and also throw away some of my makeup that I don’t use anymore which kinda sucks but it what it is.

Lazada Philippines

This is the before photo. It may seem just a little bit unorganized but I really can’t stand seeing my vanity corner like that.ย  Oh! Have you noticed the Pink Christmas tree on the side?! That’s the only Christmas thing happening on my vanity. Haha


Aside from my Vanity Top, I also decided to clean up my organizers. This pink organizer is full of wipes and product empties. Plus I have an Etude paper bag sitting on top of it because I had to buy another Wonder pore cleansing foam. YES! This year I bought 3 wonder pore cleansing foam! Hello Etude!! Hahaha


I had to throw a bunch of nail polish that had gone bad and also some boxes. I don’t why I keep them because it just takes so much space!

Lazada Philippines


This is the after photo. A much organize Vanity area! Ready for new makeup and skincare product. hahaha

Lazada Philippines


Since 2018 is just a few weeks from now I think it’s a good idea to clean and organize your makeup and skincare as well. Don’t you think so?

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6 thoughts on “Blogmas # 5: Cleaning my Vanity Table and Throwing expired Makeup

  1. Woah! The difference is incredible, I struggle parting with makeup so Iโ€™m sure I have loads that is expired๐Ÿ˜…xo

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