Blogmas #8: DIY Gift Basket Idea

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I’m back at it again with another gift Idea which I actually already gave. This is perfect for those who want to create something different and what you can really control in terms of the budget and items you can give. I was inspired by different PR package I see on PR package haul that I always watch on Youtube!

Lazada Philippines


  • Gift box
  • Christmas card
  • Tissue paper
  • Things related to your theme


I included a Christmas card with my hand written message. What you can also do is to write down the items you gave and instructions on how or when to use it.


I cut up some tissue paper just to cover the items inside and also it is aesthetically pleasing to me to see confetti like paper on gifts.


What I chose to give is a bunch of my favorite skincare products. Again you can put whatever items you want like maybe school supplies, baking supplies and things a like. You can really customize your box depending on what your friends needs or wants.

Lazada Philippines


Giving gifts like these makes it more personal. It really does make it feel like you put a lot of effort thinking of that person.

I have stumbled a website that you can get more ideas ( and could help you curate your own gift baskets.

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