Blogmas #11: Our customizd Christmas ornament

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Christmas is my favorite time of the year, as early as October I’m already bugging my mom to decorate our house but we both agreed to start decorating on 2nd November. For about more than 15 years, we didn’t have a Christmas tree because it will just take up so much space but now that we have renovated our house, we now have our Christmas tree up!I will show to you guys the complete house decor on another day, for today I just want to share to you our customize Christmas ornament.


I saw my college friend’s post that she’s selling this customize ornaments. Basically, you can choose the shape (Christmas tree, Christmas ball, star and heart)and color (Green, Red, Silver, and Gold) of the ornament. It cost Php 140.00 or $3 and will take 2-3 weeks for it to be made. It is made out of plastic and has glitters! Oh! Our theme this year is Gold and Red that’s why I choose the Gold Christmas ball with our names on it.


I was planning to put “heyitsmeroseanne” just because. Haha. And oh! I also asked my mom to buy one for my baby Thor! For those who are not following me on Instagram, Thor is my very cute cat!


I wish we could collect more customize and random ornaments in the near future because it’s really hard to find unique ornaments here in the Philippines, if we do see one it’s super expensive!

I promise to do a post specifically on our whole house Christmas decorations.

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