Blogmas #12: My ASIAN movie recommendation ( Thai, Korean and Chinese Film)

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This Christmas vacation is the perfect time to binge watch a bunch of Asian movies. This are just some of my recommendations and I will explore more films to suggest to you. Oh! I don’t watch horror movies so please don’t expect any horror movies!


  • Chinese Film
  • Somewhat of a version of 13 going on 30 wherein the girl (Liang Xia) can physically be 17 again. A magical chocolate helps her to transport back to her 17 year old self and faces conflict if she would choose to stay 13 again and enjoy life, fulfil her real dreams and be with Yan Yan that she fall love with or be 30 and face the reality of being together with her boyfriend that hasn’t proposed to her after years of being in the relationship

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  • Korean-Thai Film
  • Hao’s restaurant in Singapore is in danger of going out of business then his grandson decided to join a cooking show in Shanghai. This is where he showed his unique cooking skills and along the way fills a whole in his heart—meeting his father.



  • Chinese Film
  • It starts with Lin Cheng working hard in a corporate life then finally getting tired of that life she starts playing a song my Andy Lau and it brought back her high school memories wherein she fall in love with the high school thug but faces so much struggle in keeping the friendship and opening up their true feelings for each other.



  • Korean film
  • Reminds me of the movie NOW YOU SEE ME.
  • A Story of a very skilled technician that needs to steal money from the customs. The PLOT IS AMAZING!



  • Thai film
  • The story involves Lynn who is a top student in the school and gets blinded by the offer of Grace and Pat to help them cheat at their exam in exchange for money. Then it goes into a cheating business wherein most of the class are her “students” but as the saying goes “no secret is ever kept”. Find out how they plot the biggest cheating strategy in the STIC



  • Korean Film
  • A story of friendship who’s dying wish is to see all of them together again. It’s not easy for them to be complete again because all of them are living their own life and dealing with their struggles.




  • Thai Film
  • A story about how the passion of one teacher changed the life of another teacher to teach a group of students living in the middle of the sea where studying is very hard especially in the condition of the school is

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My movie recommendations is a mix of Romance, Comedy and a little bit of action. This is based on my own preference and there’s really a lot of awesome Asian films that I didn’t include because I know they are already popular such as  MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7, TRAIN TO BUSAN and THREE IDIOTS. 

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2 thoughts on “Blogmas #12: My ASIAN movie recommendation ( Thai, Korean and Chinese Film)

  1. These are awesome recommendations! Thanks for posting this. I’ve only seen teacher’s diary but definitely will check out the others. 🤗


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