Blogmas #13: BLK Mini Review (All-day intense Matte Lipstick in ELEGANT)

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Today is a mini review of my now go-to lipstick the BLK COSMETICS ALL DAY INTENSE MATTE LIPSTICK in the shade ELEGANT. For those who are hearing BLK COSMETICS for the first time, basically it is a makeup line launched this year of September and is the brainchild of Anne Curtis; a Filipino-Australian actress, model and even a recording artist here in the Philippines.

I recently bought one of her All day Matte lipstick in Zalora in the shade Elegant and I instantly loved it.

Price: Php 299.00

Details: Available in 6 different shades.

all-day-intense-matte-lipstick (2)

Meet your matte. Think intense color at first swipe, a true matte finish—zero sheen, just all-out boldness—and a non-drying, all-day wear. Our winning formula, which is enriched with Vitamin E and camellia oil, moves comfortably with your lips, never caking or feathering as you go from day to night. 

Packaging: The lipstick comes in a square type acrylic material and honestly it looks and feels like it is an expensive lipstick. It feels heavy and even the print is really embedded on the acrylic.


The shade Elegant applies to me like a pinkish-brown color, it comes like a “my lips but better”kinda shade.

What I like about i, aside from the perfect shade is that it covers the dark edges on my lips even though it is not a dark shade. It does feels light weight and easy to apply but it does dry out my lips a bit.


I did just bought one just to try it and I’m excited to try out their other shades and lipstick line. Oh! Almost forgot, they also have a blush,contour and highlight palette, eye liners, and pressed powder.

**Also available at Zalora

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6 thoughts on “Blogmas #13: BLK Mini Review (All-day intense Matte Lipstick in ELEGANT)

    1. Oh. Liquid matte ba? Maganda ung shade talaga na elegant pero kung ako tatanongin mas bet ko shade selection ng Vice kaso hindi ko pa nattry haha


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