Blogmas #14: Beauty Roundup (Holiday Edition)

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I hope it’s not too late for a beauty roundup Christmas Edition. Listing some of the beauty products specially released for this Holiday season which you may want to pick up now before they are gone forever!

1. YSL DAZZLING LIGHTSBringing more lights this holiday season, YSL released a dazzling lights mini collection that are composed of the DAZZLING LIGHTS TOUCHE ÉCLAT PEN, DAZZLING LIGHTS MULTI-USE MAKEUP PALETTE and the  ROUGE PUR COUTURE DAZZLING LIGHTS EDITION.


2. MAC  SNOW BALL HOLIDAY COLLECTION:If YSL is bringing the lights this season, MAC is definitely going to bring all the sparkle. To makeup kits, lashes and lipsticks, it’s sure that MAC wanted to bring the bling. I love how this collection has a touch of rose gold and have a lot of sparkle.


3. JEFFRE STAR COSMETICS’ HOLIDAY GLITTER COLLECTION: Drama aside, Jeffre is giving MAC a run for their money by also releasing a very sparkly collection.


4. KYLIE COSMETICS HOLIDAY EDITION: Is it only me that thinks that this collection hasn’t gotten any buzz as compared to last year? I was actually expecting more this year but it seems like they are running out of idea and honestly I  don’t know where this collection was going .


Omg I guess that’s it. I guess there are only a few significant holiday collection this year. I didn’t include here the repackaged items. I only included the collection that is specifically released for this season. I know I forgot a couple,so please let me know and I shall include it here but for the most part I think that’s it.  I’m kinda sad because I love the Holiday season and makeup so companies better step up their game next year! Haha. Kidding.

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*Pictures for this post was grabbed from google and the brand's website



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