Blogmas #15: My favorite Christmas Movies

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The holiday is the perfect time to binge watch not only Kdramas and explore Asian Movies but it is definitely the greatest time to binge watch some awesome Christmas movies. I don’t know about you, but Christmas movies just gives me a lot of Christmas cheer!

THE GRINCH: Such an awesome and funny movie! I wish they could make another remake of this though.


THE SANTA CLAUSE 2:  Among the Santa Clause movies, the second one is my favorite. I really love the story line of the the second movie better.


HOME ALONE 1: Home alone 1 is a classic Christmas movie. Home alone 2 is also good but the first one really made a mark to everyone.

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ELF: To be honest, I just watched this yesterday for the first time! I don’t know what or where I was during the time it was released because it soooo good. A bit cheesy and predictable but sooo good.

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RISE OF THE GUARDIANS: I love this movie but is this considered a Christmas movie? For me it is! It gives me that Christmas vibes plus Jack frost is the main character.


THE LAST HOLIDAY: Not really about Christmas but about Life. It’s really a feel good movie.


Please recommend more Christmas movies for to me to watch! I love this season and I’m really down to watch Christmas movies. It’s kinda sad that we don’t have netflix so I really can’t watch any netflix original movie. Anyway! What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Comment down below!

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