Blogmas#16: Our Christmas Decor!

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I’m finally sharing our Christmas decoration this year! For the most part, I did kinda put this off because our house is a mess (full of gifts and gift wrappers) and I’m not good at taking pictures that is not a flat lay. Haha. Our theme this year is the classic Red and Gold combination.

Our Christmas wreath is from Lucina–our favorite “thrift” shop. It is a simple beaded wreath and we just wrap a fairy light around it.


Our cute living room. When you enter our house this is the first thing you’ll see. Our couch is decorated by festive throw pillows and surrounded by reindeer. We call this our reindeer station!


Our coffee table has a Christmas themed table runner, a Christmas scent home fragrance and a reindeer filled with gold and red balls.


Then at the back of our couch there is a table and we just filled it with some reindeer!


We also decorated our TV area and filled the shelves with all the Christmas figurines we have. Just like before, we did the B.O.P technique in decorating them.


We did put a lot of decoration this year as compared to last year and every year there will be one item that will always be present in our house during this season–the nativity. The real meaning of Christmas is the birth of Jesus so it’s just right to have a display representing it.


and our Christmas Tree!


And that’s our Christmas Decor for this year! Typing this and  I’m realizing how much of a hassle it is to remove and store them when the Holiday season is over. Send help. hahahha

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