Blogmas #19: Lush Mini Haul

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So we went to Lush in Alabang to check out their newly released product for this Holiday season but I was kinda disappointed because they don’t have the ones I’m looking for. Either it hasn’t been delivered yet to this branch or it was already sold out. They did however, stock up a lot of their Christmas gift sets which we didn’t get because most of them have bath bombs that we can’t use because we don’t have a bath tub but we did manage to grab a few items that we want to try.


ROOTS HAIR TREATMENT This is our first time trying out a hair product from Lush so I hope it does work as effectively as those of their face and body product


DARK ANGELS FRESH CLEANSER An all around cleanser that kinda reminds of the Aztec Clay



NAKED LIP TINT IN PLUM FAIRY  So I entered the store and noticed that they didn’t have this tint on display and I really wanted this since I first saw this on their Instagram account and even messaged them if they do have it in Alabang and they said yes but to my dismay they didn’t have the other shades yet and has yet to be delivered so I settled for this plum fairy shade that is purple but applies pink


NAKED SNOW FAIRY SHOWER GEL Aside from the naked lip tint, I was also looking forward to having this naked shower gel.


Do you guys want a review of these products? Just tell me and I’ll gladly do it.

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