Blogmas #20: December Haul

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This is the season of giving so every time we’re buying gifts I’ll also buy one for myself. Hahaha! I know I’m not the only one not sticking to the list of things to buy especially these Holiday season wherein there are lots of new products and sale. These post may help you pick out some last minute gift ideas and also a sneak peek of some of the products I might review here.

SKIN FOOD FACE SHEET MASK One of my favorite sheet mask is the Aloe Vera mask of skin food, too bad it was sold out when I got to the store so I just settled with these three mask that I haven’t tried before.



HUMAN ❤ NATURE NOURISHING FACIAL WASH This is our 3rd bottle of these product and it is a must have these season when it tends to get colder thus making our face dry so these really helps moisturizing our skin




JUICY COUTURE PERFUME I saw there at an online instagram shop and I know I need to get these and was lucky enough to be the first one to comment “mine” because they just have one piece on stock. My next goal is buy the full size version of these cuties.





YADAH REVITALIZING JELLY MASK I swear I’m slowly becoming a hoarder of masks! I love them! I have never tried a jelly mask so I’m really excited to try these.



THE BODY SHOP WHITE MUSK FRAGRANCE MIST Quick story, while we were on the shop, the sales assistant was bringing more stock of these mist so we grabbed one and then he said “Idol niyo si Goblin no?” basically he’s saying that we idolize the “Goblin” that’s why we bought these mist so I was really surprised  why he said that, then after a few days I remembered what he said and searched “white musk goblin” and lo and  behold THIS IS LINE OF PERFUME WAS FEATURED IN THE POPULAR KDRAMA THE GOBLIN.  We got these 50% off so we decided to buy another one because this is always out of stock!




HAPPY SKIN SAKURA BLOOM HYDRATING SKIN BOOSTER  Finally! Happy Skin released their first skin care line and it is the Sakura Bloom! Currently using these one  and I ………. stay tuned for a dedicated post about these! 😉



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