Blogmas #21: Christmas Preperation

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Today’s post is just a quick chitchat. It’s been a busy week doing all the Christmas shopping and whatnot, basically just trying to finish everything we need before Christmas.

This year, without exaggerating anything, I think I’ve managed to wrap around 100 gifts and it took me like a month to finish everything and that’s because we just finish our Christmas list yesterday!

I swear never to do a Christmas rush shopping again. Given that it’s still the 20th, I can’t believe that there is already a crazy traffic here. A trip that is 15 minutes, literally took us an hour!

This made me realize that it is so beneficial to attend bazaars and finish more than half of people on our list.


We also packed some candies last night to be given for the little ones.


I know I’ll be using my brushes more frequently in the next couple of days so I decided to give them a nice bath. Cleaning brushes is so therapeutic to me, seeing all the junk dripping from the brushes makes me so happy that I’m consuming all my makeup.


yeah, basically that’s it. I’m sorry for this not so creative post. I promise to have a better post tomorrow now that I’m done preparing for Christmas!

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