Blogmas #22: Favorite Vlogmas this year (Thatsheart, Bretman Rock, Anna Cay)

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Blogmas is almost over and today I just want to share to you the VLOGMAS I’ve been following on YouTube.

*P.S if you’ve noticed some videos doesn’t have the red bar under which basically tells you that you haven’t watch it but in truth I use a different account on my phone!


Got hooked at Heart’s Vlogmas year 2014 and then got hooked on her main channel after and has been a fan ever since.  Last year she didn’t managed to finish vlogmas but this year she’s been constant on her uploads about her daily life.



Bret is doing a vlog per week and not a daily basis but still love him! He’s so funny  and super extra! His Vlogmas is super random but still loving it.



Nay Isha was doing a daily vlogmas but decided not to continue to upload daily,instead she combines 2-3 vlogs per upload. Her vlogmas is so fun and just really shows the true Pinoy Christmas Spirit.



My favorite YouTuber is doing Vlogmas again this year and I’m so happy! Her  First week was her trip back to Seoul then the second week is their trip to Taiwan. I feel like I’m travelling with her. She is constant with her uploads and if she might upload late, she announces it on her page. I just love how she is very considerate of her subscribers.


I wish to watch more Vlogmas but I don’t think a lot of YouTubers are doing it this year. Do you also have your favorite vlogmas series on YouTube? Please share them to me! I want to binge watch them. Haha

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