Blogmas #23: Bought BECCA X CHRISSY FACE GLOW PALETTE for PHP 307.50 or $7!!

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Yesterday was a stressful but an exciting day for the members of a group in Facebook who loves and has a passion for makeup here in the Philippines.

Basically, the post is informing everyone about the crazy price that Sephora  Ph has for the Becca X Chrissy Teigen Glow face palette, for  Php 307.50 or $6 you can get this quad and everyone went nuts and quickly logged into their Sephora account to check if it is true and surprise surprise, it is!


Regular price of the palette is Php 2,615.00 or $52 but in the website it shows that it is 50% off but only for Php 307.50 or $7 hmmm. I’m not good at math but I’m pretty sure that 50% of $52 is NOT $7.

I did not buy directly on the website  because of the shipping cost but a kind member of the group bought five and decided to sell it to us on the same price she bought it.

After a an hour or so, I think Sephora already noticed the sudden increase of order for this palette and then changed it to it’s true price.


Upon checking my email today, I saw this email from Sephora that was sent to me yesterday. Showing this to you as an added proof of their system glitch.



This isn’t the first time that this happened at Sephora Ph, if I remember correctly, a few months ago they also had a mistake in the price of the Benefit Cheekathon. Instead of Php 2900.00 the website indicated the price of only Php 900.00 and it sold out fast!

Crazy how this huge companies still make mistakes like that but as a consumer I think it was an early Christmas gift for us. It really does pay to always check their website and to join groups. I feel bad for their loss but at the same time it was not our fault and we just really did took advantage of the glitch.

Has the same thing happened to you but with a different brand? Share them to me!

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10 thoughts on “Blogmas #23: Bought BECCA X CHRISSY FACE GLOW PALETTE for PHP 307.50 or $7!!

    1. As of today, I have seen some members receiving confirmation emails regarding the product and was only deducted Php 307.50 in the purchase. I think it’s safe to assume that Sephora just sent all those orders with that price. One member recalls that in the Benefit Cheekaton mistake, they also didn’t deduct the right amount but instead just the amount shown when they ordered it. No worries! Will keep you updated!! 🙂


    1. Sure bel. I’m still waiting for the package to arrive, hopefully by next week I could start playing with it. Oh. btw, it’s still 50% off on Sephora. 🙂


      1. Yeah. That’s why I was thinking if I should or whatnot. But woah! You only got it for 300+? It was a sure steal!


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