Hey Blog # 37: 2018 Goals


I want to share to you my 2018 goals. Hopefully I can achieve them this year or even surpass my goals.

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First and foremost, this year, I want to prioritize my health. Last year, I’ve been sick a couple of times and if doesn’t seem a call for me to change my lifestyle, I don’t know what will be the next “call”. This year I’m very determined to lose at least 10 kgs of weight and to change my lifestyle in general. YES TO KIMCHI!

I have a lot of goals in terms of following count on all my social media sites. I know it’s just numbers but it will help me in terms of traffic, views and also be able to collaborate more with brands.

By the end of this year, I wish to host at least one giveaway as a way of thanking everyone who supports me and my passion.

In order to achieve my goals I know I need to focus, always plan ahead and stay creative.

What’s your 2018 goals?!



6 thoughts on “Hey Blog # 37: 2018 Goals

  1. Good luck with your 2018 goals Roseanne! Which social media site drives most traffic to your blog for you? Always curious to hear other strategies 😊 Good luck with your 2018 health too!

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  2. That’s right health always comes first! Hoping you reach these goals this year ❤️ Btw, do you have pinterest account? 😁


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