Hey Blog #38: Little Update


Sorry for not posting anything for the last couple of days. I have a ton of products to review but I just couldn’t publish it yet because I have yet to take a photo of them.  The reason behind is that I’m waiting for some things for my NEW flat lay theme. I promise that a couple of weeks from now I will post a ton of Product reviews. This is me being meticulous  on my  flat lay because I really want to put an extra effort on the product’s photos to also give justice to the shops and brands’ trust to me.

Here are some of the product review that I have yet to publish and for you to get excited.

  • Aztec Clay
  • T.N Dickinson’s Witch Hazel
  • Happy Skin Skin Booster
  • Happy Skin Glam Squad Contour and Color
  • Vice Cosmetics Lipstick
  • Ever Bilena Liquid Lipstick Beauty Set
  • Purple Fairy Organics tints, oil and serum
  • Vanity Area Upate
  • New Everyday look
  • January Favorites

Those are the things lined up for this month and within the next couple of weeks, I will publish them so please stay tuned.



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