Hey Blog # 39: Vanity Update 2018


My vanity update for the nth time. I think that my vanity area will always be a work in process. With the change of my theme this year, I decided to also spice up my vanity update and to change the layout and add some cute things on the side.

Summer style guide (2)


This is the overview of my vanity and as you can see, I still haven’t completed the bulbs haha.


Since my theme is tropical, I bought this flamingo fairy lights and I hang them around the bulbs.


The first layer of my vanity is full of lipsticks, perfume and books. Basically these are the things I grab before I leave the house.


Going again with my tropical theme, I bought this flamingo light.


I use this ring dish holder for my tints and lipstick and I love the gold pineapple in the middle. On the very back of this layer are my books and notebook.


The main table is so different from the last time. Now I have a huge brush holder on the side. This top contains my daily skin care product, my foundation, eye shadows, concealer and more lipstick at the back.

(More pictures on my facebook page)


Then at the bottom are my containers full of other skincare product and makeup palettes.



I love my vanity more when the bulbs are off and the flamingo lights are on. I think the orange light makes it relaxing.


Expect an update again within this year. Haha. As my collection grows, I know I will keep on changing the layout of my vanity area.


10 thoughts on “Hey Blog # 39: Vanity Update 2018

  1. this comes handy as I am moving house and will finally able to get my own vanity! although this may sound stupid to you, but I am planning order a customise desk, may I know the width of your desk? 😊 thanks a lot! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late response. The width of my desk is around 26 inches just enough to fit the corner of our room. Good luck on your moving! I hope your vanity table turns well. ❤


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