Hey Blog # 41: How I spent my 23rd Birthday!


A long over due blog post! My 23rd birthday was two weeks ago and I’m just writing this down right now. Ooopsss. I was actually contemplating if I should still post about this but I thought it’s nice to look back about the things that went down on my 23rd birthday so here it is!

On the 14th January, I had an advance celebration with my college friends over pizza and pasta. It was really nice spending the time with them because we haven’t seen each other for months!!



On my birthday; Janaury 18 I started my day by having a Korean inspired birthday breakfast! Complete with a seaweed soup and an egg roll cooked by my mom.


Then the day went as planned, I just binge watch a bunch of Kdrama and Korean movies! Then my sister bought home my favorite pizza and doughnut. Our dinner that day was my favorite beef stew, spaghetti and lots more food! Oppss. Forgot to take a picture because I was too excited to ate them!

To cap off my birthday, we went to Alabang and my sister gave me a budget to spend to anything I want and we ate an Italian restaurant that has poor service. booooo

And that’s it for my 23rd birthday celebration! Thank you for your greetings and messages on my Instagram!




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