Hey Blog # 43: Mail time! Opening packages from shops and brands.


Hey guys! I’ve been opening my packages on Instagram but I decided to show it to you guys here before I post a review about them.

CANMAKE is a cosmetic Japanese brand that is available here in the Philippines and this was sent as my prize for their giveaway! This is the marshmallow finish pressed powder. I did a first impression review on this on my Instagram, just head on to my HIGHLIGHTS under the name CANMAKE


COSMERIA sent me this Japanese skincare products that I can’t wait to try! Cosmeria is an online shop that caters to premium cosmetics that are made in Japan!


HAPPY SCENTS PH was glad enough to send me the insect repellent Jolly. If you are looking for a organic insect or mosquito repellent, go check them out! I would recommend the Cheerful one, it has a cooling effect and I love the peppermint scent!


CHARIS  sent me these Hey! Deux yeoza leave in treatment for me to try! I’ve heard a lot of good reviews on these products so I can’t wait to try these out.

P.S. This mail came like 4hrs after I had finished my Photo shoot that’s why the picture is like these haha


I would like to thank all the brands and shops who believes and supports me. Thank you so much for the opportunity to try out your products but most of all, big thanks to all of you, my readers for subscribing to my blog and following me on my social accounts. I feel very blessed and it’s just the start of the year! Hoping to conquer bigger heights



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