Hey Blog #44: The evolution of my Vanity Area


I was cleaning my brushes when I suddenly thought of the days when I had no brushes at all and my definition of makeup collection is a pair of lipstick and a pressed powder. Who would have thought that I’ll have my own makeup vanity.

Vanity Evolution.jpg

Started with just two layers of glass shelves and it was just enough to put everything I had that time such as a couple of lipstick, some brushes and even my skincare was in there. There were no bulbs or anything fancy with my mirror. It was just a plain mirror.IMG_0086

And then after a couple of months, my mom and dad decided that it is about time to take my vanity area to the next level, this is also the time when I started doing blogging on a regular basis.

This vanity table was customized to fit that small corner in our bed room. The plain mirror was also framed and bulbs were also installed.


Then my current table is more organized and has a lot of organizers that I collected over the months and finally I have a proper brush holder with a lid!


Crazy how much my vanity table changed just over a year. I feel super blessed for having a supportive parents that was wiling to build me this vanity. My vanity table is more just than a table–it represents me. It represents how much I love myself now that I’m willing to take care of myself; for myself. More than anything, it also symbolizes that finally I’m accepting who I am as a whole.

***I feel my red days are coming because I’m becoming kinda emotional. HAHAHHA tmi!!



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4 thoughts on “Hey Blog #44: The evolution of my Vanity Area

  1. Me too 😍 I am so kilig whenever I see my collection of make up grow, but I lack of the vanity stuffs and hoping I could have the time and budget to put up my own vanity area like you did. Keep on inspiring us ate roseanne!😍 and thanks for sharing ur blessings with us even with small things like doing a giveaway and doing ur best to give us good contents on ur blogs 💕
    IG: Maxieminuhh 🤗


  2. Your vanity area looks so clean and cute. Remembering the days about how everything started feels nostalgic, I love that you shared your story!

    IG: shesnotbad


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