Hey Blog #45: Why I have been away..


By the start of 2018, I have laid out my plans to grow my blog starting with at least posting reviews once a week and achieving a certain visit per month. I had it planned out detail by detail and at the start of the year I was really doing great, my stats were booming and I had already received products to review.

But I guess the universe had a different plan. It didn’t cross my mind that I want to work in a corporate setting to have a stable income until I realized that I was becoming a bit selfish.

Here I am working in a kinda start up business which requires to work more than 9 hrs a day sometimes and has work until Saturday.  With all the things happening in my work, every time I go home, I just want to sleep and sometimes I even skip my skincare routine.

But this I will tell you, I will not stop my blog. I’m just really adjusting to everything and trying to figure out how I can manage both my work and my passion.

Blogging, makeup and skincare is the only thing that’s making me sane at the moment. Every time I stare at my makeup or my vanity, I instantly glow and I just want to play with them.

This is me being transparent to you my readers, followers and sponsors/affiliates. I still have a lot of things planned for this blog and definitely will continue blogging.


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