My everyday lipstick and tints


Today, I want to share to you guys my choice of lipstick and tints for an everyday look. These lipstick and tints are all affordable so you might want to try them also

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BLK MATTE LIPSTICK IN ELEGANT-  A perfect brown nude. I super love this lipstick because it’s a very complimenting shade for my skin.

THE FACE SHOP MARKER LIP TINT IN RED PROOF – This is a bold red but I still use it for an everyday look because this goes so well  with that Korean style fresh look. I love how this is in a marker form because it is fool proof, it makes putting tint so much easier. I wish they release more shades!

BEAUTY SUGAR CHEEK AND LIP STAIN IN REBEL VIXEN-  A really brown tint which I love. Smells so sweet and doesn’t have a bitter taste to it.

PURPLE FAIRY ORGANICS  LIP AND CHEEK COLOR IN PINK ROSE- Subtle color on the lips that makes it a perfect everyday lip tint.


I used to love wearing liquid matte lipsticks but ever since I’ve tried tints, it has been my go to lip product. I love how easy it is to use but the down side is that it is not as long lasting as a matte liquid lipstick.

What’s your favorite everyday lipstick and tint? Please recommend some to me!



2 thoughts on “My everyday lipstick and tints

  1. Nakakatuwa talaga yun parang marker (like what i’ve said on IG) and i want to try it! I don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis but on days when i can’t decide which one to wear, i always opt for WnW In the Flesh and for liptint, i use Thai White Skin Organics which was given to me by a friend. I thinking of buying a new liptint this June but i’m still undecided which one to get so your recommendations are really helpful.


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