Long time no haul plus a mini review


Today is haul day! I missed doing haul aka going shopping for some skincare and makeup product. Lately, I’ve been gearing towards skincare more than make up because I find that I don’t finish a lot of make up and I find it a waste not unlike skincare where I use it regularly. Okayyy. I’ll stop the blubbering and show you my mini haul.

two grooms (1).png

MUMUSO STATIC FREE HAIR BRUSH- Yup. I went again to the land of all pink and cute. I did buy another box of their pink cotton (not in the picture) and this brush. I have seen some Youtubers using this static free brush from a different brand and I’ve always wanted to try it so when I saw this in the hairbrush aisle of Mumuso, I quickly grabbed it. And.. It does work! I see less hair on the brush. So yey!

CELETEQUE  HYDRATION TONER- For the longest time, I’ve been using my Etude house Wonder pore toner and I love it but I’m almost out so I grabbed this just in case that I do run out but I can’t resist, I tried it last night and it’s good! It smells kinda rosy which I like. I have yet to try it again to really see how I like it but so far so good.

BIORE UV FACE MILK- I do believe that the Philippines is right in front of the sun because it’s super hot! A sunblock is a must! I have used this a couple of times and it’s not sticky which I love and doesn’t feel like I applied anything on my face.

HUMAN ❤ NATURE DAY MOISTURIZER- I have never use a day moisturizer before and that’s because I don’t usually put anything on my face in the morning because uhm hassle haha If ever I go out I just usually slap some sunscreen and powder and boom ready to go. I do however feel that even though I have an oily skin type I can feel some dry patches on my face that’s why I want to become more active on my morning skincare especially applying moisturizer. This moisturizer is okay, it’s not heavy on the face but I feel like I tend to oil a lot when I use it.

ZENUTRIENTS LIP SRCUB- I have been using my Lush lip scrub but it’s long gone and I have yet to purchase it again (Lush is at least 1.5 hrs away from us) when I saw this lip scrub I was like “hey why don’t I give this a try” sad thing is, I don’t like this, It is not a scrub for me. It has a clay like consistency and very oily, when I apply this to my lips and when I wash it, it leaves an oily residue which I don’t like! I don’t know if I’m using this right or is this expired but it’s a NO for me.

MAYBELLINE AGE REWIND CONCEALER – Now I know why this a cult favorite. This is my second stick. Pretty much says how I love this.

BYS PEACH PALETTE- My favorite buy! I know I said I’m going to invest on skincare but there is something about buying a makeup that makes me so excited. I have never tried a palette like this so I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone which is neutrals.  I love this! So in love with the colors.

Tell me if you  want me to review anything from this haul and I would gladly make one for you guys!



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