Hey Blog #49: Box hoarding problem


Is it only me that keeps boxes or packing of makeup and skin care products?


There are some of the boxes that I keep and I just can’t throw them away and I don’t know why but at the same time I don’t want the products inside the boxes because they are all on display in my vanity area.

Some boxes are super cute to thow away like those of the Juicy Couture and some boxes have a special place in my heart like the box of UD and Mac!

Please don’t tell me that I am the only one who saves boxes and packing. I have yet to figure out if I will throw them out or find something useful for them


One thought on “Hey Blog #49: Box hoarding problem

  1. LOL I promise you, you are not the only one! I usually do this with palettes to keep them nice and uniform when I store them. I always feel the urge to get rid of boxes but once I see that I can’t properly store the products, I quickly change my mind. Besides, packaging today is so cute I can’t bring myself to let it go😭😂

    http://www.mondayswithsharon.com 🧡👣


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