Hey Blog #51: Beauty and the movies Challenge Experience

So I decided to join the #beautyandthemovie challenge on Instagram hosted by @sparklesandnargles and @ibeingfree. Basically this challenge is to post anything skincare or makeup related base on the movie of the day. This challenge run for a week starting July 1-7

DAY 1: 13 GOING ON 30

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Beverly Rink: “Just because you don’t look like those girls in poise magazine,doesn’t mean you’re not beautiful in your own way” . . . [DAY 1] of #BeautyandtheMoviesChallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles and @ibeingfree Today’s movie is 13 GOING ON 30 . . . I think for the most part this movie is about self love. Loving yourself no matter what your flaw is and just enjoying your time with your friends and family . . . Jenna always wanted to grow up so she can have fun, have a cool job and have a hot boyfriend but what she didn’t realize is the responsibility one has when you are already an adult and was taken a back when she suddenly turned 30 and it is not what she had dreamt of . . . Self love love for me is always taking care of yourself for the future. That’s why Even though I am just in my early 20s I do incorporate an anti-ageing product every now and then. One of my favorite anti-ageing product is from @etudehousephilippines the Red Energy tension up emulsion . . . It makes my face feel so supple and also brightens my face. This is a light weight cream and doesn’t feel too tacky. It also smells so relaxing that’s why I really do love applying this to my face. I wanna look cute even though I’m 30! Haha

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[DAY 2] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles and @ibeingfree . Today’s movie is ETERNAL SUNSHINE FOR THE SPOTLESS MIND . . . I personally haven’t seen the film so my post is about the movie title. I was so curios about the meaning of the title and when I searched it, I understood it as Eternal sunshine for the spotless mind means being happy, at peace and carefree after removing negativity from your mind . . . . Growing up even as a teen I didn’t care much about my skin, face and has zero knowledge when it comes to makeup. It just stuck to me that makeup equates to being “maarte”(finicky or pretentious) or being “malandi”(slutty). It was just 3 years ago when I removed that notion from negative people and perspective by buying my first makeup and feeling more confident about myself and here I am now posting reviews and tips. You see now, makeup is about expressing myself, being creative and feeling more confident and beautiful no matter what people say. If I haven’t remove that spot I wouldn’t even know my eternal sunshine. . . . Sharing my first makeup. These makeup has been long expired so I’m not using them anymore but I still have them because it is nice to see where it all started. . . . @avonph Perfectly matte in coral fever @elfcosmetics Foundation @everbilenaofficial Blush and contour palette

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[DAY 3] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @ibeingfree and @sparklesandnargles . Today’s is coco . . . I also haven’t seen this film as I am waiting for it to go to netflix! But, I have watched the trailer and what I picked up is the lesson of chasing after your dreams . . . Ever since I started loving makeup it has been my dream to one day try out high end brands. I feel like as a makeup enthusiast I need to have at least one @maccosmetics lipstick (just my own personal opinion for myself please don’t take it the wrong way). But it was so hard to spend $20 in just one lipstick, am I right?! Haha. Anyway. For Christmas last year my sister @clarealexandraa bought me my very first @maccosmetics lipstick and on my birthday another mac product! I was so so happy to finally have a mac lipstick for my collection. Then my dad went to SG and bought me an @urbandecaycosmetics and a @katvondbeauty lipstick! I just feel so blessed that my family is always here to support me and my dreams. . . From buying a lipstick at a grocery store and now having products from a high end brand, slowly I’m reaching my goals and expanding my collection along the line.Also, I wish to remind everyone to never stop dreaming and chasing after your dreams.

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[DAY 4] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles and @ibeingfree . Today’s movie is LA LA LAND . . . Okay. Sorry in advance but I haven’t watched this film either! I got pre occupied watching netflix series and Asian movies that I did miss a lot of American films including this one. O p p s s . . . I asked my sister what the film is all about and I begged for her to help me think of a product that could go with the theme and she suggested to choose products that corresponds the color scheme per scene. It is truly notable that this film had a lot of work went to color grading upon searching. I was amazed by the chosen color palette for different acts—a m a z i n g! . . So for today, I choose this scene (which I don’t know what happened here) with plum,red, pink, white and cream colors into it and I matched it with my Bobbie Cosmetic palette and A pink and silver eyeshadow from @colourpopcosmetics . Both the palette and the scene has a plum,pink,cream and silver shades to them. This is the closest palette I have for this color scheme but I would definitely would like to have an eyeshadow palette exactly the same as shown in the scene. Don’t you think that would be an amazing palette also or maybe a cosmetic brand would like to release a la la land themed palettes?! #makeuppalette #colourpop #makeupph #makeupflatlay #bblogger #bbloggerph #flatlayph

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[DAY 5] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles And @ibeingfree . Today’s movie is GARDEN OF WORDS . . . Another movie on the list that I haven’t watched. Yikes. But I am basing my post to the movie poster . . . Just from looking at the movie poster and title, I’m guessing that the important scenes are in a garden or like a forest. I love how the poster is really like something out of nature, the details are incredible! . . Speaking of nature, isn’t incredible how mother nature works that she can provide everything we need including of course—skincare! One of my favorite all natural brand is @humanheartnature and sharing to you my favorite products from them! 🍃Day Moisturiser- love this! Not sticky at all when it dries down. 🍃Exfoliating soap- I love any of their exfoliating bar. This is a must have 🍃Balancing Facial wash- A very good face exfoliator with Fine bamboo scrubs. 🍃Nourishing Facial wash- My all time favorite! This is my 3rd bottle! Very mild and gentle to the face and really moisturising. What’s your favorite product from @humanheartnature?

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[DAY 6] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles And @ibeingfree . Today’s movie is THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA . . . One of my all time favorite movie! Love the story, the fashion and the actors! Love it love it love it! . . . One of my favorite scenes is where Miranda will say “that’s all” in a disappointed tone and I think she said it a lot of times in the movie! . . So my post today is about my “that’s all” products that I use for an everyday easy fresh look. I only have four products that I use for a fresh everyday look that I can honestly go for a long long time! @skinpotions Cushion for the fresh sheer finish @blkcosmeticsph cheek paint to bring a little color to my cheeks. I love how this is really long lasting! @lorealmakeup infallible powder just to set the cushion and give a little color because the cushion is too light for my skin tone @purplefairyorganics Tint in the shade pink rose. One of my favorite tint! That’s all

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[DAY 7] of #beautyandthemovieschallenge hosted by @sparklesandnargles And @ibeingfree . Today’s movie is THE CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC . . . I love this movie! I wish that they could create a part 2! The movie is so fun and funny. . . . For today’s post and also my last post for the challenge, I was inspired by the very colorful bridesmaid dress that she had to wore for her best friend’s wedding. . . One of the most colorful highlighter I have is my DIY rainbow highlighter! Yes! I just made this one because it was a trend a year ago I think and I remember creating this one because 1.) It looks fun to have a rainbow highlighter on your face—always wanted to be a unicorn 2.) I have these eyeshadow that are sooo bright and colorful that I know I wouldn’t dare wear so I decided to crushed them up and use it here! SWATCH ON MY IG STORY! . . . This is mu first ever beauty challenge and I had so much fun! I joined here to push me to be more creative and I think I kinda did it? What do you guys think haha

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So glad I joined this challenge because it did push me to be more creative and to post everyday! This is my very first challenge and I’m so glad that I finished it even though I haven’t seen some of the film.

Which one is your favorite photo or theme? Did you guys like my post?




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