Asian Series to watch on Netflix!

I have always been a fan of Asian series may it be drama, comedy or Rom-Com so when I had my netflix, first agenda was to browse the Asian series section and I did manage to watch a couple of awesome series that I want to share to you guys.

1.  THE SOUND OF YOUR HEART– This is a very funny series that is inspired by S. Korea’s longest running webtoon series. It is about the daily of the cartoonist–his family and girlfriend. Okaaaayy. I only watched this because the main character is portraited by Lee Kwang soo!


2. HORMONES– Story of middle school kids journey to friendship and love. I really love the story and the actors. Sooo hard not to spoil the story but it is really well written and the it is unpredictable. Oh this is a Thai Series.


3. O- Negative– Another Thai Series about friendship, love and family. O negative is the blood type of all the main characters that happens to go to the same universities. One of my favorite!! Story is amazing!


4. GOOD DOCTOR- A Korean Medical drama series way back 2013! I don’t know why I haven’t watched this before but this is really a good series that it is making a remake in America. It is about a guy with autism who wants to be a doctor but finds it difficult because of the past traumatic experience he had.

goog doctor.jpg


5. A LOVE SO BEAUTIFUL- A cute Chinese series that revolves around a girl having to have a hug crush to her neighbor and also classmate and along the way experience and ups and downs of school life. A super cute story and I think among the series I have suggested this is the most popular one.



And that’s it! Happy Netflix watching! If you have good Asian series recommendation available on netflix please let me know!



All images were grabbed from google.


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