My Current Ever Bilena Favorite Products

For those living outside the Philippines, Ever Bilena is a local cosmetic brand that is really known for being affordable.

I feel like Everbilena is stepping up their game! They have been launching here the there and they are really good products from reviews I have watched and read and I have seen the brand grow and it is truly amazing that aside from being affordable they are not able to release products that are high quality and very innovative. They are really playing and killing the game!

So today I would like to share my current EB favorites.

TOAST OF NEW YORK MATTE LIPSTICK–  These were sold out everywhere! This is such a perfect nude color for everyone. I use this for an everyday look and it’s just a perfect color for me.


STROBE GLOW OUT HIGHLIGHTER- I kid you not, when they released this, everyone went crazy! It is just $4 and the pigment is awesome! I got the shade Strobe which a subtle peach tone to it but they have another shade which is really the blinding gold one.

and lastly

LOVE KRIS LIFE KIT MATTE LIPSTICK- You know I got so excited about the collaboration between Kris Aquino and EB that I got all the products that they released right? But among those products what really loved was the Love lipstick because it is such a pretty red shade.

I love the Life shade but I feel that reds suit me better than pinks.

IMG_1113 (1)

And that’s my current favorites! I know they are releasing more products and I just can’t believe it.



P.S. Sorry for the lack of better pictures for this post and yes I used photos from previous post. I only intended to show these at my Instagram that’s why I didn’t take individual photos but might as well share it to you.

No part of this post was sponsored by any brand or company
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness

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