Officially an Althea Angel!

So excited to share to you guys that I am now an Official Althea Angel.

For those of you hearing Althea for the very first time, basically Althea is an online platform to shop, to read and to see the latest in the k-beauty world. For their shop they have a lot of products and brands available and a true K-beauty lover will really live for it.


I am a huge fan of the k-beauty industry especially their makeup and skincare products. Hands down Korea is taking over the beauty industry!

I applied for the Althea Angel with little hope to be chosen because I know there are a lot of bloggers out there with great numbers and stat but yesterday I got an email asking me to confirm my details so I could be an official Angel!


An Althea Angel is basically Althea’s beauty ambassador, with this we have some perks but most importantly we are a part of a community who loves anything K-beauty and get to meet awesome Angels as well.

P.S. They ship worldwide!

If you want to know more about Althea you should check out the links below




Big thanks to Althea for this awesome opportunity!



Roseanne ❤

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