Mask Review: Cathy Doll Sweety Recipe Happy Aloe Vera Mask Sheet

Hey guys! Today is mask review day.  Yesterday I showed you my mask haul so today I’m going to give my thoughts on one of them.

There are a couple of other variants of this mask but I chose to get the Aloe Vera variant because I love aloe so why not give it a go!

Price: Php 59.00 or $1.25

Ingredients: Notable ingredients includes Alcohol, Aloe Barbadensis leaf extract and Centella Asiatica leaf water

Packaging:  A super cute pastel-ish packaging that will really stand out in the mask section.  It has a complete ingredient list, directions how to use and suggested time limit.


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Scent: It has an Aloe scent to it but the alcohol scent just reeks! Right out of the bat even without reading the ingredients I could easily distinguish that it has alcohol since the scent was kinda over powering. I have tried a lot of aloe mask from different brand and even though it also has alcohol it still smells fresh–like aloe! Okay.. I just smelled it again since I still have the pack with extra essence and it reminds me of a very famous Filipino brand conditioner–Cream silk!

 Sheet Mask DetailsThis mask is just soaked right with essence–it’s not dripping wet but also not dry. The sheet it self is big! I have a wide forehead and it was still enough to cover my face. The sheet was kinda thick for my liking but I can live with it.


Experience: Okaayyy. Upon putting this on I immediately felt a stingy sensation on my upper lips which I ignore because it was tolerable. I removed the mask after 15 mins and it did moisturize my face a bit. The following morning I did feel a part of my face is  kinda itchy which is not normal because my face has been in its healthiest form everrr. The day went on and I noticed there are a couple of bumps forming on my chin and on the side of my forehead and the only thing I changed or added in my routine was this sheet mask–I was having a reactive breakout.

Final Verdict: Cathy doll–I love your AA cream but this mask isn’t for me. I will not repurchase this since my skin didn’t like it at all and gave my breakouts.

What’s your favorite aloe vera mask?




No part of this post was sponsored by any brand or company
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
This review is in NOT A WAY of ruining the brand
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa


4 thoughts on “Mask Review: Cathy Doll Sweety Recipe Happy Aloe Vera Mask Sheet

  1. maybe you had a breakout because you didn’t wash your face with clean water after peeling! it says in the instructions to wash it after 🙂


    1. I did miss that part but whats the point of using a sheet mask if you’re just going to wash off the essence. This is a sheet mask and not a wash off mask so I thought the necessary step was to go on with my next routine.


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