Unboxing: Althea angel welcome gift

Recently, I told you that I was part of the Althea Angel, and on Monday, I received my welcome gift from Althea.



First of all, the box is soo cute! Well Althea is really known not only for low prices of K-beauty products but also for their cute boxes!

Items on the box

  • Pink makeup pouch- Super love this! I have only a few makeup bag so this is really handy!
  • Tote Bag- They also included a tote bag with the #altheaturns3 design!
  • Hand Mirror- Was super excited to have this. Haha! I always wanted those flat hand held mirror that is so popular in Korea that could also serve as a fan when drying out your skincare product on your face!
  • Wash of masks- The main star of the box is the 10 sec detox wash off mask that they will launch on August. This is in collaboration with Korea’s top beauty show–Get it beauty! They sent us the rose and green tea variant.

They also included the DIY Althea birthday box, welcome note and discount card.

Oh! They are so generous that they even sent us $30 credit to shop anything we want from their website, so watch out for another haul!



P.S you can watch my unboxing on my Instagram!

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