Althea Haul: Free $30 Credits!

I feel so spoiled being one of the Althea Angels. They sent us a welcome gift which I totally loved and then later on they announced that they will give us #30 credit on Althea which means we can pick whatever we want on their shop and I just went for it!

Last week I received my order and I did an unboxing on my Instagram but I am now here to share to you guys what I picked.

I just had to get some sheet masks since I love reviewing them and I really want to try all the mask I can!

  • BOOM DE AH DAH Aloe Everyday Mask Moisture -One of the cheapest mask I have ever seen so I’m really curious on how good it is.
  • DEAR KLAIRS Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask– I have never tried anything from the brand but I heard they are really good so I just had to get one and see for myself.
  • TONY MOLY Panda eye mask- I got this for my sister because she loves eye mask

I didn’t get a lot of skincare products because I feel I still have a lot to use so I just got the IT’S SKIN PO EFFECTOR.  Again, I haven’t tried anything from the brand so I’m excited to use this and I just randomly picked this one up without reading any reviews prior.

This haul is also composed of makeup brands I haven’t tried. I feel like my makeup collection isn’t growing anymore so I decided to treat myself by getting my hands on these makeup product

  • ALTHEA Petal Velvet Powder– I got two Althea powder and one of which is the Lavender limited edition for their 3rd anniversary.
  • TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Art class blush– My favorite item for this haul! I’m so glad I picked this one up. I am really a sucker for cute blush and this is my first ombre like blush. I was contemplating to get this or the contour one but I decided to get the contour powder some other day.

Individual photos and reviews will be up in the next coming weeks so stay tuned. Big thanks again to Althea for this amazing deal.


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