Review: Beuon Tok Stick

Today I’m going to share my latest insights about the Tok Stick that I have been using for a month now. I have done a first impression/session review on my Instagram, and today I’m going to continue my review with some in-depth thoughts.

BEU ON’s main product, Tok stick is a self-caring skin-stimulator. Using micro-needles thinner than that of our hair, the inner skin will be reproduced without harming the outer skin and the condition of our skin willl be imporved because drugs or other solutions are absorbed well.

Tok Stick is a micro-needling device that you can use at the comfort of your home with no experts needed.  Tok Stick is different from any other micro-needling device because it is made out of the thinnest 49 gold plated needles.


Price: $75 or Php 3,750

How to useThe device can be a little intimidating at first but it is so easy to use!


  • Separate the top and bottom part by twisting it.
  • Fill the bottom part with your chosen ampoules until the 2ml line
  • Then put back the top and bottom part making sure it is tightly closed.
  • Remove the cap and it’s ready to use


  • Put the top part downward and start shaking it a couple of times or until you see ampoule coming out. For highly viscous  ampoule it may not come out on the device properly so it is suggested to use a liquid type of ampoule
  • I use it for 15 minutes by pressing my face with the device. At first, I use it all over my face and after that, I concentrate on my most problematic area which is my cheeks.

Packaging:   I love how classy and elegant the device is with the black and gold color theme. The device also came in wrapped (see photo above) in a plastic box with the instructions at the back.

The device is also very lightweight which is great so it would be easier to use.


Effectiveness: It should be noted that I  have been using this once or twice a week for the last month.

  • On my first review, I was really impressed by how it made my face looked brighter and supple and just overall gave me a healthy-looking skin
  • I instantly saw after 2 weeks of using that my pores where not that loudly visible as compared to waking up before wherein I could instantly saw how large my pores are.
  • Every after use it still gives me redness but it is totally normal.
  • I said before that it is painless and it is true until I use an ampoule with acids. I felt a tingling sensation but it was still tolerable.
  • You can clearly see on my BEFORE photos that my pores were super visible and large and on my AFTER photos those pores are clearly smaller and less visible.
  • On my second comparison picture, my BEFORE photos show how like bumpy my forehead is and clearly see a lot of bumps but on my AFTER photos I have fewer bumps on my forehead.
  • I used this at least 7 times, and I see a lot of difference. I remember complaining the other night on how I can see my pores, but I forgot how my face looked like weeks ago! My pores were excessively huge and visible before, and right now I couldn’t see that huge pores of mine; unless I look very closely on the mirror.

WOULD I RECOMMEND AND PURCHASE THIS?  Yes! I love the results. Aside from that, it made my pores less visible it did help remove the bumps on my forehead. I think the price is okay for the device since you can use it multiple times, and you have full control of what ampoule you will use.

I also love how this device is so easy to use and to clean. You just clean the lower part in running water to make sure there is no ampoule left, and then you soak the needle part on alcohol and let it air dry. Easy!

It is also awesome how this is not painful for me at all except when I use an ampoule with acid and I felt a tingling sensation.


  • If you want to use a high viscosity ampoule it is also okay, you just need to spread the ampoule on your face.
  • I like using a mask after using Tok Stick just to calm my face.

And that’s it for my Tok Stick review! I will continue using this because I just love the results!


Roseanne ❤



This product was sent to me for review purposes 
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness and all mine
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

2 thoughts on “Review: Beuon Tok Stick

  1. I have heard so many good things about the Tok Stick! And your review made me want it even more… Those pictures are beautiful girl! Look at that glowing skin – I am so envious right now! o.o

    Well one day I might save up and get the Tok Stick for myself, but for now I will just have to look at the stunning reviews with longing 😉


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