Review: Benton’s Snail Bee Ultimate Serum

I have been raving about Benton’s Aloe BHA toner for the last couple of weeks now on my instagram account so I can’t wait to share my thoughts on one of their latest product from their Snail Bee line– SNAIL BEE ULTIMATE SERUM.

Benton’ is inspired by and named after the movie ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’in which Benjamin Button grows younger with time. In the movie, Benjamin has no choice but to leave his love, Daisy as he becomes younger. What if Daisy also could turn back the time of her physical appearance? Wouldn’t she be happier? “



“Benton’s Snail Bee Ultimate Serum is a multi-tasking serum enriched with Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate, Bee Venom and Tea Tree Leaf water. The Serum helps nourish, soothe, and keeps skin supple than ever”

Price: $27 or Php 1,350

Weight: 35mL

Description: This product is suited for those with, dry skin that needs instant hydration, Those who have sensitive skin this is perfect for you because this has no harmful chemical, Skin with uneven skin tone or hyper pigmentation and those who just really need an extra boost of suppleness and brightness on their face.

Notable Ingredients includes:

  • Saccharomyces/Snail Secretion Filtrate Ferment Filtrate–  This is also known to be snail mucin which is known to be a super ingredient to boost skin. It is helps tighten and hydrate your plus helps increase production of collagen. It is also said to work in helping recover skin from acne or acne scarring and that’s why snails are known to heal quickly from their injury.
  • Melaleuca Alternifolia ( Tea Tree) Leaf Water–  Tea Tree is known in the beauty community as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ingredient. Aside from that it helps the skin to be smooth and hydrated
  • Bee Venom- helps to soothe blemishes

This serum also has Niacinamide for that brightening effect and Adenosine for anti-wrinkle.

How to use: Dispense the product using the dropper into your cheeks, forehead, nose and chin or you can put the serum on your palms and pat it on your face. I personally like to put the serum directly on my face since it has a dropper it is easier to directly put it on my targeted area.

Packaging:  The product comes in a brown glass bottle together with a glass dropper. Some details of the product is in Korean but it is easy to access all the English information on their website.  I really like the combination of the brown and gold colors in their packaging–it looks super sleek and timeless.



  • I really love how the ingredients are all natural which makes it super good for our skin and also Benton Cosmetics is a cruelty free brand.
  • This serum has multiple benefits for the skin such as brightening and wrinkle care so you really get your money’s worth because you are treating multiple skin problems in one product.
  • When I first tried this, I put too much! A little goes a long way for this serum so this 35ml serum will last me for at least 3-4 months.
  • What I like about this serum is that it dries fast and it is not sticky at all even though it is made out of snail secretion. I also love how when it dries, it dries like a very silky texture.


  • This serum has tea tree leaf water and I was kinda expecting some breakouts because my skin hates tea tree but surprisingly it didn’t gave me any break outs.
  • Most importantly, I really love the brightening effect it gave me! Seriously my face looks lighter and slowly having that even skin tone. It also gave me that healthy glow–that feeling when your face doesn’t look dull or unhealthy.


Other Information:

  • This is also good for those with oily skin since this is a light serum
  • This product is dermatological tested and has a pH level of 5.5 which is the same level of a healthy skin.
  • This is fragrance free and has volatile alcohol.


  • A little goes a long way. One drop for each section is enough.
  • As this dries quickly this is perfect for those who hates waiting for the product o dry out to proceed to their next skincare item.


Most definitely a yes. I love the results and I like how it is not sticky, dries up quickly and has a nice silky finish.

I hope this review helped you or any way you found something new.


Roseanne ❤


Snail bee ultimate serum:






This product was sent to me by BENTON COSMETICS for review purposes
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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