Mask Review: Boom De Ah Dah Aloe Everyday Mask Moisture

Guess who’s back for another mask review–ME! Happy Friday! Before we all enjoy the weekend I’m here sharing my thoughts about the Boom De Ah Dah Aloe mask that I got from Althea using the credits they gave me.

Highly moisturizing aloe vera leaf juice is contained so as to moisturize exhausted skin from stress and external environment and keep skin moisturized.   

Price:  Php 20 or $0.40

Ingredients: Notable ingredients stated on the packaging are: Alcohol, Aloe leaf extract, Cactus extract, and witch hazel extract and a lot more leaf and fruit extracts. This mask also has fragrance.

Packaging: I love how the packaging is so straight forward and simple. Since this is an Aloe mask the color is green and the variants color also corresponds the color of the main ingredient. The Ingredients and how to use list are the only things that are in English–the rest are in Korean but you can easily find other information of the mask at Althea.


Scent: There is that slight scent of Aloe Vera, the same scent of any aloe vera gel but the alcohol scent is just too over powering for me.

 Sheet Mask details:  The sheet mask was actually soft and not that thick. I feel that the mask is good size since it fit my huge forehead and there are still some extra sheets on the side. The mask is really soaked with essence even if I squeezed some before I toke it off on the pack.



  • This mask stayed in my face for a good 15 minutes and when I removed it, it is not that tacky or sticky at all BUT when I woke up my face was just super oily and that is not a typical thing for me anymore and it happened again this time when I used this mask.
  • I am not expecting too much for this mask because it is super affordable! I think this is the cheapest mask I have tried but certainly not the worst!
  • The alcohol scent threw me a bit off but when I put it on my face it is not too bad.
  • This mask didn’t actually have other effect–it did moisturize my face but still not enough to really make my face look and feel hydrated.
  • It didn’t break me out and I didn’t feel any stingy sensation even though this mask has alcohol

Final Verdict: This is not a bad mask and for Php 20 and I am really curious to try out their other variant. I feel that I might buy this again but use it for my neck and heels instead of my face.

Are you willing to try this one out?


Roseanne ❤



Got this product from Althea with my $30 credit as an Althea Angel
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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