Hey Blog 53: Changes

I feel like it’s been forever since my last HEY BLOG post. Basically Hey Blog is where I just talk about my life or anything I want.

Today I’m just want to share to you my recent changes in life–okay not a big deal– I just got a new haircut and arranged some stuff on my vanity but still. I feel like this year I have been embracing change more than the usual because I’m that person that hates change especially sudden changes but now I see more of the positive side of change.

I suddenly decided to get a new hair style last week and I am so lovin’ it. I just wanted to have my hair trimmed but all of the sudden I want a new style so I decided to go get some fringe bangs.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Then a few days ago when I got out of the shower I  suddenly decided to change my vanity table. I am very thankful that my makeup and skincare collection is growing and mainly because of the brands that’s been sending me their products for review purposes.


The star of my vanity table before was my makeup but now my skincare products is taking over. It just suddenly grew without me really noticing.

So my point is that this year is my year of CHANGE.

I feel so good sitting down and just telling you my stories because lately I have just been posting reviews over reviews and it is really draining at some point that’s why this HEY BLOG is also my break from all of those.

If you are still reading this THANK YOU!!


Roseanne ❤


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