Mask Review:Dear Klairs Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask

Let’s start the week right by having another mask review and today the one on the spotlight is one of those mask that Instagram made me buy because I have seen tons of good reviews on these mask and I want to try it out for myself.

Since 2009, we at Klairs have been researching different ingredients and raw materials for the best skincare for sensitive skin. Our products not only improve the skin’s elasticity, but also quickly soothes irritated skin for ultimately healthier and stronger skin.

An anti-inflammatory and cooling care sheet mask. Whether it be internal or external factors, our skin is exposed to various irritation on a daily basis. Daily care to ease the irritation is important. The Midnight Blue Calming Sheet Mask is specially designed to calm the skin with ingredients that decrease sensitivity.

Price: Php 220.00 or $4.40 but I got this at Althea for only Php 160 or $3.20 because it was on sale

Ingredients: Some notable ingredients include Tea tree leaf oil, Centella Asiatica Extract and willow bark extract.

Packaging: The packaging looks very sleek with the black background and white text.  I really like the square-shaped packaging of this mask–something new to the usual elongated rectangle shaped packaging. It has all the information in Korean and in English.

Scent: This mask just reeks tea tree which should be expected because it is one of the ingredients. At first it was too over powering for me but I got used to the scent.

 Sheet Mask details: This is a 2 pcs. sheet mask which means one is on the upper half of your face (nose and up) and on the lower half (upper lip to chin) . I didn’t know that it was a 2 piece until I saw a full detailed review on Luna (@sparklesandnargles) and I was a bit taken back when I read it because not a fan of anything complicated. Mask should be easy and quick  but this took me no kidding 5 minutes to properly put it on my face because it was not adhering enough and it took me some time to unfold it, then it took me another minute or so to adjust the mask so that it could cover my face properly. The struggle was real for me last night.



  • I love how the masks sheet is really soft.
  • It has a slight cooling effect which I didn’t expect.
  • It did have a bit of a stickiness after removing the mask and even after 30 minutes there was still that tackiness.
  • Next morning I felt that my face is really soft and feels really flawless. My face didn’t feel tacky anymore.
  • Over all I love the effects of this mask and even though my face is sensitive to Tea tree oils, I didn’t have any break outs.

Final Verdict:

WILL I REPURCHASE AGAIN? The effect was great but the hassle of putting it on is just not for me. I love sheet mask because it was easy and quick and this is not it. I think I will not purchase this again BUT I will try out their Midnight Blue Cream because again the effects was great!


Roseanne ❤

I bought this at Althea using the credits they gave me. 
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa


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