Hey Blog 54: Samples! (Where and how to get product samples)

Who doesn’t love samples especially when they are free, right? Ever wonder how to get them or where to get them?

Product samples often comes either in a small tub or small sachets, these samples might seem like there is not much of a product but it does contain a very ample amount. I remember having this small pack of BB cream and I first thought that it wouldn’t even cover my whole face but I ended up using it twice.


ASK– The best way to get them is to ask the sales assistant. A little trick is to tell them that you are really interested in the product and you are afraid to spend on a full size. When you bought something from a store don’t be afraid to ask for a freebie or a sample. Most of the brands has samples but they are of course not advertising it to their customer but 90% they have samples available.


I bought some things at Lush a couple of times and all of my visit, they offer a small container of samples of their scrubs.


When I went to The Body Shop and bought a couple of their products I jokingly asked the sales assistant if they have samples and guess what she did gave me a bunch of samples. I was super surprised when the sales assistant bought out a box full of samples and gave me a bunch of them including a big sachet of their body scrub.

Remember my Princess Fantasy Eyeshadow palette? Well, I just got that for free from Etude House for reaching a certain amount BUT they offer a lot more sample sizes and they never fail to offer good samples even from their best selling lines.

I think most Korean Brands offer more of these products samples even if you shop online often times these brands will just include a bunch of product samples. Some Korean brands I have worked with would sometimes also include a bunch of samples whenever they send me products to review.

 Now if you really want to get your hands on these samples so just to try out their product, there are now a lot of online shop that sells these samples around $0.50- $5. I personally bought a couple of these samples that varies from different product and brand. This is very helpful for me because I have already a ton of skincare products but I still want to explore more so this samples are really handy.

So on your next shopping trip don’t forget to try and ask for free samples. You wouldn’t know unless you ask, right?

I hope this was helpful.



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