My Current Skincare routine (August 2018)- The Best Skin Care routine for Oily Skin

Today I want to share my current skin care routine. I am really loving this routine and I am so glad that I have been experimenting with new skin care product combination because it is totally working out for me.

First of, my go to cleanser is still the Skin Correct M Gentle Cleanser and sometimes I use the Althea Fresh Skin Detoxerr if I really want to purify my face.


1. Tiam Vita B5 Toner* I have been loving this toner recently because it is really hydrating and my skin does adsorb it quickly.  More of my thought about this toner soon but currently in love with this.

2. Tiam Vitamin Blending Powder* Okay. This is a really a new and innovative product in the market that really helps you customize your skincare. This is a powder that you can add into your skincare and makeup!  Again, more thoughts about these soon!

3. Caryophy Portulaca AmpouleI have done a review of this ampoule and I did continue to use it on my forehead because I really have a bad texture on that area and I can say that it is helping it get smoother and I also use this as a spot treatment to my pimples.

4.Benton Snail Bee Ultimate SerumThis serum is just one of the best out there. It really does brighten the face and doesn’t have that tacky sticky feeling right after I apply it.

5. It’s Skin Power 10 Formula PO Effector I got this for Althea and I got this because I really want to know why it is super affordable and if it is really effective in shrinking pores and making my face have normal production of sebum. I have been only applying these on my cheeks because it is where I have really visible pores and I can’t say yet how effective it is on the pore minimizing part but I can really point this product out for making my face less oily. AS IN. Less oiliness and I am really shocked. Anyway. Full review soon.

6. Etude House Red Energy Tension Up Voluming Emulsion The last  step for my routine is this product that makes my face really feel plump and at the same time is moisturizing.

I have been alternating some products here and there but for the most part these are the products I normally combine on my routine and I am really really happy on the results. Not one of these products clogs my pores and A+ for making my face less oily.

I don’t really have a morning routine but I do use an aloe vera gel all over my face after I take a bath and that’s it.

I hope this helps you choose any product for your routine!


Roseanne ❤

*Products were sent to me for review purposes 
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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