Review: Tiam Vitamin Blending Powder

So excited to share to you my review of the Tiam blending powder in vitamin C. This is my first time trying out something like this and if you are curious about this product keep on reading.

What I will review is their Vitamin blending powder but they also have Arbutin powder and Centella powder that has their own skincare properties to solve certain skin problem.

Photo from Tiam’s Website


*Both blending powder and toner was sent to me for review purposes

Price: $13 or Php 650.00

Weight: 10g

Description:  This is a powder concentrated vitamin that you can add to your skincare or makeup products to really help your skin problem. The tiny particles penetrates deep into the skin which makes it really effective in addressing your skin concern.

100% Pure Vitamin Powder

Vitamin C is highly concentrated in the powder from to be always fresh and absorbed more effectively.

Fades pigmentation and improves uneven skin tone to brighten your complexion.

Eliminates free radicals and harmful ingredients which is the main cause of aging, to make your healthy and vitalize

Notable ingredients includes Ascorbic acid or also known as Vitamin C which is responsible for restoring healthy skin and improving damaged skin, Allantoin which is a soothing ingredient perfect for sensitive skin, Panthenol is the one responsible for skin hydration and Lemon fruit oil that helps in nourishing the face.

How to use: Basically this is a very versatile powder that you could put into any skin care and make up product. You can check out my video on how I use this on my instagram


You put an ample amount of the powder to your toner, serum and creams. You could also spot treat any hyper pigmentation by applying the powder directly to the area using a cotton swab.

You could also use this in your DIY mask by adding this into an essence. Just take note that it is not advisable to use this with your chemical  exfoliates or those with AHAs or BHAs.

I use this with my serum and toner. I just put my toner on my hands and add the powder and then I mix it with my fingers and apply it with my hands and same goes to serum and creams.


You can add this to your foundation and creams to give an extra boost of skin care benefits to your regular makeup routine.

I put a good amount of foundation at the back of my hands and add it the powder and I just mix it with my fingers and that’s it. I applied the foundation how I normally would apply it.

Packaging: A very straight forward packaging with a little white plastic bottle with a color orange label so it is easier to distinguish that it is Vitamin C and also the box has all the information you basically need such as the ingredient list, directions and cautions. One thing that I am not a fan of is that the hole is too big and it is not easy to control the amount of product to release.



  • First of, the scent is just like Vitamin C and reminds me of that Vitamin tablets I used to have as a kid. It is not too overwhelming and the scent actually fades a little when I add it to my serum and toner.
  • I used this on my Tiam Toner and Celeteque toner and for both of them I didn’t feel any stingy sensation.
  • What I really noticed after trying this out is that more than the brightening effect that it gives, it really helps improves skin hyper pigmentation and I noticed my face slowly having an even tone.
  • I also noticed that my face looks healthier in a way that it doesn’t look dull. I just gives that really blooming effect.
  • When I mix this with my foundation it didn’t affect the formula and even the texture so it’s really just a way of boosting your makeup with Vitamins which is really cool.

Tips and Final Thoughts :

  • I really like how this product is very versatile in a way that you can customize your skin care or makeup.
  • It was really fun for me to add the powder to various products and even my foundation.
  • For those who are always on the go in the morning and has no time for skincare routine the blending powder is perfect because you are hitting two birds in one step bu adding this into the foundation.
  • Overall, I love this powder and I am really interested in trying out the other two blending powders.

And that’s it for this review! I hope you learned  thing or two!


Roseanne ❤


Get the product here:


Product was sent to by the brand for review purposes
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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