Hey Blog #55: August Struggles and Realization

Not going to lie the first two weeks of August has been rough on me because for the most part  I felt like I was not growing in the community and my stats were super down.I was posting non stop everyday that I felt like I was doing it for the sake of posting something.

I really lost my will to blog and that’s because I was always comparing myself to other bloggers which I know is super wrong and funny enough I was blaming the mercury retrograde and the ghost month for all the negative feelings I was having.

Then one night I decided to read the daily bread and on that specific day the topic was about Trusting God. That’s when I realized that I have to trust the process because God’s plan will always be bigger than mine. I started muting the accounts of those people that is giving me those negative vibes and just started to slowly do what I love to do.

What I really did was too look back on those days when I first started blogging, upon scrolling my feed, I saw my first post and that post only received 8 freaking likes but I can still remember how happy I was and now I am complaining for only having 70 likes on my recent posts. Crazy right?!

I prayed and prayed I kept talking to God and I slowly got up and I feel very contented right now. All the negative thoughts are not in me anymore. I am genuinely  happy for me and to everyone in the community. I am just going to swim in my own wave because life is not a race and I have my own pace.

Again God’s plan was really bigger, just this week I received 3 great news and I feel super blessed and thankful.


I am just really thankful that brand trust me especially Benton because this is my third time doing a product review for them.

This is just a proof that God’s plan is better and that not everyday I will have a good day and that’s okay. This situation made me realized again why I do this and that’s because I  just love sharing my thoughts and trying out new products.

Edit: Just checked my email and I got two more products coming from Charis to review!


Roseanne ❤

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