Quick Review: Superface Zoom in Mesh Cushion (02 Natural)

Happy Tuesday! Today is not a skincare related review but a makeup review and more specifically a cushion– the Superface Zoom in Mesh Cushion.

I have seen a lot of our local YouTubers and Bloggers raving this cushion so I decided to try it out as well.  This is available on Chairs and of course on my Charis Shop https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/52B


So first most, this product was created by two individuals–Larry and Jung who has first had experience with superstars. They decided to create this cushion that is perfect for the cameras and at the same time easy to apply.

This cushion has three shades and the darkest shade is 02 or natural. This cushion is also said to be lightweight yet full coverage. This cushion also has herb 7 complex or the combination of different young herbs that is responsible for moisturizing, soothing, brightening and reliving skin troubles.



  • This comes in a bright yellow compact and I like how light the compact is even though it has a mirror plus I can attest how sturdy the compact is because I have drop this a couple of times (o p s clumsy me) but still looks good as new.
  • It is really hard to find a cushion with a good dark shade because often times dark shades of cushion would look grey on me but not this one. I can’t believe that the shade is just perfect for me.
  • The longer it stays on my face the more it looks like my skin. This cushion just blends perfectly to my face as if I am not wearing anything.
  • I also appreciate how this has an SPF 50+ and how this cushion has also some skincare benefits because of the herb ingredients.
  • The “normal”way I apply my cushion is to set it also with some powder and often times I would use a dark shade powder to compensate the whiteness but since this is my perfect shade I just use a translucent loose powder.
  • Oil control is also good. This doesn’t make me more oily than usual even though the finish is dewy.
  • Speaking of dewy finish, this cushion gives that healthy looking skin or glow so you don’t have to worry about looking dull.
  • About the coverage, I would say that this is between sheer and medium coverage. You really have to build the layers to achieve that medium coverage which I am really okay with the sheer coverage it is giving me because it just gives me a fresh, skin like finish.
Finish look using the Zoom in Mesh Cushion

 I would definitely recommend this to all those morena skinned girl like me.  02 Natural is just a perfect shade for us, at first it might look light but it will look like your skin the longer it stays on your face.

This is also a great cushion even for a tropical country like here in the Philippines. Even without setting it, it doesn’t feel tacky.

You can get this cushion for Php 1,850 but you can get 12% discount by going to my shop, and it might seem too much for a cushion but this also comes with a refill so basically you are buying two cushion!

Again this is available in my charis shop. https://hicharis.net/_heyitsmeroseanne/52B

That’s it for my Zoom in Mesh Cushion review by Superface! Happy Tuesday!


Roseanne ❤



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