Review: Some By Mi Rose Intensive Tone-Up Cream|Style Korean

Okay. Here is my first product review for the Some By Mi Try Me, Review Me Event of Style Korean. Basically, Style Korean is an online shop where you can get a lot of Korean skincare and makeup products.

I was chosen to try out a couple of Some By Mi products and one of which is the ROSE INTENSIVE TONE UP CREAM.

 Let’s start this post with a short introduction of TONE UP CREAM. To be honest this is my first time trying out a tone up cream so I did some research and found out that tone creams are created to make your skin tone look brighter and fight hyper pigmentation and discoloration. Tone Up Creams are with the same family of BB and CC Creams and it can also act as your sunscreen and primer.

Price: $32 or Php 1673

Weight: 50ml


Your new favourite instant whitening and toning correction cream.
Instead of purified water , this tone up cream contains 70% of western rose water.
Tone up your skin color naturally.
Provides an outstanding glow to the skin the moment you apply it.
Perfect for whiten, softening and moisturizing your skin.
Comes in Vitamin B12 for wrinkle prevention.
No artificial color and fragrance.
Can be used on all skin types, even on sensitive skin!

This is a tone up cream is infused with western rose water with no artificial coloring and flavors.

Some notable ingredients in this cream are Glutathoine which is a whitening ingredient ,Arbutin that protects the skin and help maintain that healthy glow and Niacinamide or B3  which is another whitening ingredient and has the ability to even out skin tone.

This also contains B12 that is responsible for wrinkle prevention skin regeneration and acts as a natural pigment.

Photo from Style Korean 

How to use: Tone up creams are typically used after your skincare and before your sunscreen. Tone up creams are NOT suggested to be use as an overnight creams because it can block your pores.

This cream is not limited to the face only. You could also use this in your body especially those that are usually uneven like the elbows, knees, neck and feet.

Packaging: This cream comes in a tube and has a pink and white theme. I really love this cream is in a tube form because it makes it more hygienic and very travel friendly.

The only thing that I have to point out is that the information about the product is all in Korean even the box but you get some information at the Style Korean website. 



  • This cream has a slight pinkish white color and has a rose scent which is not too over powering.
  • A little goes a long way with this cream so this 50 ml will last me for a long time.
  • This really made my face look a lot whiter and brighter but at the same time made it look like it has a healthy glow.
  • I tried using this as a sleeping cream (but please don’t use this as a sleeping cream, I just use this for experimental purposes) and when I woke up I looked like those Korean actress that has a white and glowing face.
  • I did use this for 3 weeks straight and I really noticed my face becoming whiter and whiter so this just not have an instant effect but in the long run you will also notice that whitening and brightening effect.
  • I really like how this cream is also moisturizing and doesn’t build up on the side of my nose.
  • This cream is a really nice tone up cream but it does make my face produce more oil. I have to blot more than I usually do when I use this. 
    Left- With Cream// Right-Without Cream

Tips and Final thoughts:

  • This tone up cream doesn’t have coverage so this is not a substitute to your foundation or cushion.
  • I really like the instant effect of this cream and this would be perfect for those who really want a to be whiter and have a brighter face.

That’s it for my Rose Intensive Tone-up  Cream from Some By Mi provided by Style Korean. I hope you guys learned a thing or two in this post.


Roseanne ❤



Direct Link to the Product:

Product was sent by Style Korean
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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