Review: Benton Tea Tree Mist

It’s another Benton product review today. Benton is constantly impressing me with their products and I haven’t tried any Benton product that I haven’t liked so I was really excited to get chosen again by Benton to review their latest product release–the TEA TREE MIST


This Tea Tree Mist is actually the Benton’s Honest Tea Tree Mist. They have repackaged the product and renamed it  based on customer’s feed back. It’s the same formula but the new tea tree is larger (80ml) than the previous one that only contains 40 ml

Photo from Beauty Mnl

Price: $19 or Php 950

Weight: 80 ml


” Benton Tea Tree Mist contains Tea Tree Leaf Water, Hyalauric Acid, and various botanical extracts to provide instant hydration while leaving skin refreshed and clear.”

Ingredients Notable ingredients include:

  • Tea Tree Leaf Water- Known to be soothing and hydrating.
  • Sodium Hyalurante Acid- Has properties to help with moisture and hydration making your skin supple.

Benton Tea Tree mist contains high content of locally produced Tea Tree leaf water. As like with other Benton products, this mist only contains natural ingredients making it a very healthy mist and very suitable to every skin type but most importantly perfect for irritated skin and damaged skin.

How to use:After cleansing, spray the product onto face and pat it gently. You can also use this every time you feel your face feeling dry or dehydrated.

Packaging: Since the packaging is one of the center of this launch, I will tackle every detail of their packaging.


  • For the box, it has all the product information needed and in different languages.
  • The bottle itself is so sleek and elegant looking. The green and white label makes it look so fresh.
  • The bottle is made out of this plastic that feels and looks like glass. It is really good that this is in a plastic bottle because it makes it more convenient to carry.
  • It also has a transparent cap to cover the spray nozzle itself.
  • Benton also made sure that this is vacuumed sealed so that the product doesn’t oxidize.
  • The spritz is amazing! It is fine and doesn’t release a clump of tea tree water. Some mist releases product that sometimes makes me feel like I am drowning with the product but this one is just perfect.


Effectiveness and other Experience:

  • Some products with Tea Tree breaks me out but not this one and I also love how this is minimizing some redness on my chin.
  • A really hydrating mist that is perfect for our tropical country and it doesn’t feel tacky to the face.
  • This mist also spreads evenly so 2 spritz is fine but since I love the feeling of the spritz sometimes I spray more than 2 times.
  • I am always trying out or incorporating new products to my routine so every time I feel my face having irritation, I just bust this mist out and I could immediately feel a soothing effect.

Final thoughts and Tips:

  • I very handy mist because it’s not too big and fits perfectly to even small bag.
  • This mist is perfect to have hydration and at the same time to sooth your face.
  • I will definitely recommend this to everyone especially with sensitive skin.

That is it for this product review! I hope this helps.


Roseanne ❤



Direct link to product:

Product was sent by Benton Cosmetics
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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