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It’s the third part of my Some By Mi product review provided by Style Korean. Some By Mi actually caused a stir all over the beauty community by releasing this product –the 30 Days Miracle Toner. A lot of people really wanted to try out this toner because in their promotional video it really seems like a Miracle Toner.

I want to spoil every one that I am now in love with this toner and this is working great in my current skin condition. Do note that unlike in their promotional videos, I don’t have a severe acne and my main skin concern right now is my pores  and my oil production

Price: $42.99 or Php 2,168

Weight: 150 ml

Description and Claims:

Works as effective exfoliator to leave skin cleaner and more radiant than before !
Get baby soft skin in just 30 days.
The best miracle toner you must try in life!
The relief of your skin.
Perfect exfoliator toner to use everyday!
Low Ph Toner – Suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and oily skin.

Just like the Miracle Cleansing Bar, this toner is said to be also moisturizing and can take care of your pores. The Miracle Cleansing Bar is brightening while this Miracle Toner is whitening

Ingredients: Some notable ingredients include Acids such as AHA, BHA and PHA which I have talked about it my Miracle Cleansing Bar review. This also contains real tea tree, 2% Niacinamide , peppermint oil and other leaf extract.

How to use: You can use this toner on your morning or night routine by taking an appropriate amount to a cotton pad and gentle apply it to your face.

Packaging: This Miracle Toner comes in a green plastic bottle with a black cap and on the inside it has a stopper with a small whole making it easy to control the amount of toner you’ll dispense.

It comes also in a box with some product details but most of it is in Korean but you could check out Style Korean  for more English description and other information



Effectiveness and other Experiences:

  •  On my first night of trying this out, I felt a little stingy on my sensitive areas on my face such as the side of my noes and chin but on the second night, I didn’t feel that tingly or stingy sensation anymore.
  • This Miracle toner is not as moisturizing as some of the toners I have tried but at the same time not drying.
  • I love the scent of this toner! Because they included the peppermint oil on this product this smells like peppermint but not too much. Just a perfect scent of it and even though this has peppermint this has no cooling effect.
  • First weeks I didn’t notice a remarkable difference and it was until my second week of trying this out when I realized that my face is not turning oily by the end of the day which is amazing!
  • I don’t have a severe acne to fully test out that part but this Miracle toner did a Miracle buy turning my face less oily and actually I could consider my skin type now as normal.
  • I also love how this made my chin smooth, removing those unwanted textures and white heads.
  • I also noticed there is no or at least minimal  excess sebum production on the side of my nose.
  • I did noticed that healthy glow by using this toner, I don’t see my face looking flat or dry.

Also, the only thing I used in this routine is the Miracle Cleansing Bar and the H7 Hydro Max cream.


Final Thoughts and Tips:

  •  This toner is a bit pricey for me given that it is $42 for only 150ml but I think this is worth it. It solved my number one skin concern and it improved my skin’s health.
  • I searched a couple of review and seen both positive and negative reviews, I think this toner worked excellent maybe because I was also using their Cleansing Bar. So the Duo is perfect.

If you are planning to get this Miracle Toner, I suggest that you also get their Cleansing Bar to have that full effect.


Roseanne ❤



Direct Link to the Product:

Product was sent by Style Korean
All pictures are mine unless otherwise stated
Opinions are 100% honest to goodness
We all have different skin conditions and preference
What works for me might not work for you and vice versa

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